What if fresh Veggies and Fruits aren’t available at the market? Homo sapiens during the pandemic are preferring to purchase essential grocery items from the market. Micro farming is a type of small scale farming grown with chemical less harmful pesticides at home or in a small area. Big Brain Humans are now cultivating and growing easy healthy chemical-free and organic plants with many nutrients and vitamins. Lock down in many places have increased the demand of vegetables and fruit in many parts of India. Mung Bean loads of many healthy? Nutrients which can really change the life of mankind from severe diseases and infections.

Eat healthy, live better is helping many to live longer. the increase in the pest control pesticides and other chemicals in fruits and vegetables for the preservation of the stuff is leading to the increase in the number of tortuous diseases like cancer, allergies, heart problems and all etc. Chemicals like Endosulfan is affecting so many people and their forthcoming generation with defects.

Moong sprout leaves can be used for making salads, Vegetable curries, soups and all etc.

Benefits of moong leaves are countless like

  • Reduces Heart Disease Risk
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Promotes Weight Loss 
  •  Lower Blood Sugar Levels
  • Prevent Heat Stroke
  • Control Hormone levels

2 Minutes of daily care and sunlight is only required to grow Mung Bean to home. Mung Bean sprouts leaves have High Antioxidant Levels, Rich in Potassium, Magnesium and Fiber, which simultaneously May Reduce Chronic Disease Risk, heart diseases, cholestrol level and all etc. Steps to do Moong Micorfarming are mentioned below:

  • Day 1: Take 200-250 grams of Mung Beans
  • Wash it properly and combine the moong with double quantity of water in a medium size bowl in the night
  • Day 2: Clean the water and place the moong near sunlight which will gradually help the sprouts to grow faster
  • Day 3: Next day take all the sprouted moong bean and place it in a plain container on a the tissue or plain paper
  • Day 4: Sprinkle some Water on the Sprouts in the morning and evening as the leaves and stems growing
  • Day 5: Healthy Moong Microfarming is complete ready for cooking.

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