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The Pandemic all across the world heartened the digital firm to engage most of the daily affair schedules like meetings, classes, purchasing necessity commodities and all etc are done through the mode of Internet and Technology. The impoverished across the high society sphere are crucially facing the virtual economic barricade in the circadian of the apparatus. Humongous mass of students from the typical bourg territory came to an end acquiring lower than the basic primary education training from the respective Educational Departments. The Processional teams of the Educational Departments in the innumerable countries especially in the remote Zone of Africa and Asia continents are working hard with unbreakable commitment towards the profession by the aim of passing the knowledge, skills and proficiency to the minors. Many charities and organizations are running social media campaigns and public campaigns to gather the money for the grounds of Education.

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The unemployment rates and the child labor rate has also increased simultaneously across the world at hand encouraging the individuals to do any type of job present in the market for the banknotes to meet the needs of the daily essentials. Students willing to resume the education back to the track in the Pandemic period is not getting the network technological support in the remote Areas. The future of the young growing generation in the world is surrounded with the shields of dark hard knock life.

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