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The Covid Lock down in Maharashtra has been extended till June 15 but restrictions will be reduced in some districts after getting the reports of low number of Covid-19 Positive Cases in the state. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced that the Covid curbs will be lessened in some districts with the case positivity rate lesser than ten per cent and occupancy of oxygen beds is lesser than 40 per cent. The restrictions will be increased in the districts where the Covid-19 cases are increasing in Maharashtra.

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The cases in the rural regions of Maharashtra are still facing the hurdles to manage the cases and the threatening complications of the infection in the patients. Some patients even received Black Fungus Infection after recovering from the fatal Covid-19 virus. Maharashtra is considered as the most affected state in India in the second wave of the pandemic due to the large number of population and working class in the metro cities. The spread o Virus in the state are controlled to a very great extend as compared to the month of March and April.

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